7 Reasons Why Android Apps are Important to Your Business Growth in 2023

7 Reasons Why Android Apps Are Important To Your Business Growth In 2023

In the year 2023, we can see a lot of people using smartphones and especially Android smartphones. The popularity of Android smartphones has grown dramatically over the years and transforms people’s lives. Mobile apps give us amazing benefits and make our lives simpler. The demand for Android apps is increasing due to the smartphone market occupied by the Android operating system. Other OS like iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc., occupy around 30% market share while around 70% are using Android smartphones. Let’s know why Android apps became so popular and how it benefits business growth.

Advantages of Android Apps

  • Easy to capture a growing Mobile Market share
  • Gives a Higher return on Investment
  • Give personalization experience to users
  • Popularity of brand

As per the requirement of your business, you can build a customized Android app that provides value to your consumers. Android apps are scalable and flexible for all platforms. Important security features make them perfect for business growth.

Why You Should Build An Android App For Your Business Growth

  1. Provide A Better Experience: Users get a better experience with Android apps as compared to websites. It is a user-friendly solution that gives better personalization. Having an app for your business leads to better engagement and brings value to your consumers. A perfect Android app is a mix of technical solutions to customer needs, business objectives, and real-world problems. So if you want to give your users a personalized experience with your service and products, then the Android app is the right solution. Most businesses prefer Android apps such as in retail areas, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. where public behavior matters. Apps can easily display your services on your mobile. It also helps in maintaining a good relationship with the consumers.


  2. Builds Brand Image: Having an app improves your brand image. Build a quality app that provides the right solutions to customers. It helps in building the brand authority of your business. Android apps are always saved on the mobile and inform the user about your business promotions or services. That’s why it’s easy to create brand authority for your business with the Android App. You can easily grab the attention of the users by creating a customized app that fulfills their needs and also builds the brand image of your business.

  3. Create Brand Awareness: Mobile is always useful for users and it performs many functions like information search, prices, ticket booking, bill submission, etc. Hence mobile apps are always at the fingertips of users. They easily interact with the applications, and this strengthens the brand authority of your business. Provides a better-personalized user experience. We can easily remind users of our brand by sending promotional or service-based notifications.

  4. Stand Out From Competitors: In small-scale businesses, mobile applications are still less common and do not give preference to mobile applications for their business growth. You can take advantage of the opportunity and stand out from your competitors by creating a great Android app to attract your users to your services.

  5. Get Better Leads And Sales: Mobile apps also have a huge impact on business sales. Most businesses increase their sales by attracting consumers to mobile applications and converting them into sales. You can also increase your sales through a valuable Android app that benefits users and builds trust in your brand.

  6. Gain The Trust Of Users: We can gain the trust of the users by providing them with a valuable Android App which shows detailed services and solves their queries. Friendly interactions gain users’ trust and help them last longer.

  7. Increase Visibility All The Time: Mobile phone users are increasing day by day and they spend at least 4 to 5 hours on mobile every day, so this is a great opportunity to showcase your app to them and increase their visibility all the time. Compared to desktop users, mobile users are growing faster, so we should also focus on mobile apps to create brand awareness.

    So therefore you should build the perfect android application for your users to give them a better experience. Mobile users are increasing day by day and this is a great opportunity to connect with your audience at their fingertips. There is great scope for an android application because it captures a large audience.

    Compared to websites, an android app gives a personalized experience to users. 

    If you want to build a customized android app for your business growth, then Ninth Matrix Solutions provides all quality solutions to connect with your audience. So it’s never too late, there are many growth opportunities in the mobile app, so just start today.