About Us

Ninth Matrix Solutions was conceived for the purpose of creating an avenue to deliver economical but quality IT solutions to the US clients. It is also meant to be a solution to the issue of US clients losing their money to unscrupulous IT companies abroad by outsourcing without the cover of a tight contract as per US laws and obligations.

We are powered by a strong team at the facility of our partner company in India, which itself is an over two-decade old firm. Our modus operandi would be to outsource the projects of our US-based clients to our Indian development center but provide them a US-based interface and a legal cover backed by a contract in US. Clients shall sign the contract with Ninth Matrix Solutions, which is an undertaking of X By Zilch Enterprises, LLC in Texas, US.

We have been doing web-based solutions and internet applications since 1998 and kept expanding our scope of services during our growth with new services and technologies as they came by, like digital marketing, mobile app development etc.
Our team comprises of very able and seasoned staff, that can brainstorm with clients, help them fine-tune their ideas and then develop their project in full alignment throughout the development process. Each of our project managers is capable of handling projects single handedly, starting from conceptualization to team alignment and right up till execution and delivery.
Not only we are experienced as a veteran IT company, we keep infusing fresh skills and talent to ensure that our technical profile is always updated with contemporary technologies and that we are able to provide solutions to clients that will save them time and money with the use of latest features and benefits offered by emerging technologies.

We take pride in the fact that our clients count us among leading IT agencies. Such trust is difficult to come by indeed and we have earned it painstakingly over years of service, delivering solutions that have actually benefited our clients. We have pursued clients with flawless communication and have given them reliable support after smooth, error-free project deliveries well within promised deadlines. These are still the work ethics and practices all of us at Ninth Matrix Solutions adhere to.

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Our Mission

We are passionate about automating businesses with robust, efficient solutions so they are able to harness web and mobile technology for the betterment of their enterprises. We strive to bring web and mobile solutions at minimum costs and high quality so a wide range of businesses could afford them. We believe that web and mobile development services are free of technical awe due to which laymen tend to think of these as more of a hassle. Our team at Ninth Matrix Solutions strives everyday towards enabling businesses with IT.

Our Expertise

The team at Ninth Matrix Solutions is expert in –

Web Development

Web Development

Web Designing

Web Designing

Ui-UX Designing

Ui-UX Designing

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App Development


Digital Marketing

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Our Vision

We envision a culture in IT industry that is transparent and dispute free. IT industry has caught a lot of flak due to poor or unscrupulous practices of desperate, malicious Web vendors , companies and individuals alike. Ninth Matrix Solutions is a small initiative to change all that by setting an example with an IT company that cares about providing solutions that actually work towards the betterment of clients’ businesses.

Skilled Team, Quality Results

We believe skills are enriched with experience and a healthy office environment that promotes teamwork among staff. Such a work culture is much desired since it radiates a positivity that helps all aspects of project execution, particularly the brainstorming needed to choose the right solutions for clients. Our staff at Ninth Matrix gets to work in this very positive work culture and it shows well in the quality of the web and mobile applications we develop. Not only that, but we also coax our clients to participate in the process of developing solutions so a high level of client-friendliness is enjoyed, which only goes further toward building great solutions and products.

Skilled Team, Quality Results
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What Is Great About Us

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years of experience

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