PPC Advertising

Generate Superior Leads with PPC Management Company

Ninth Matrix Solutions is one of the leading PPC (pay-per-click) management companies in the US. Our professional PPC experts help businesses secure quality leads with PPC management services. We have been in business for the last 25 years and have built a great reputation for providing quality PPC services.
Our passionate PPC experts follow innovative strategies to gain a competitive advantage for your business. The right strategy and planning is the key to a successful PPC campaign. PPC advertising services give your business a huge advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of Effective
PPC advertisement

Get Immediate Results

Only pays for clicks

Show your ads on top of Search Engines.

Bring out your target audience

Benefits of Effective 
PPC advertisement

The Strategies We Follow to Achieve Quality
Leads with PPC Management Services

Being one of the best PPC management companies in the US, we help businesses gain quality leads by providing PPC management services. We create a predetermined strategy and plan to achieve desired outcomes and then follow it consistently. We employ the following methodologies to achieve potential leads.

The Strategies We Follow to Achieve Quality 
Leads with PPC Management Services

Understanding Goals and Objectives of the Campaign

Understanding customer's business enables us to plan the campaign better and to also identify the needed results. Once goals are identified it becomes easy to deploy technology to achieve them whether it is to improve brand visibility, lead generation, website traffic or any other objective.

Selecting a Perfect Campaign Type

We help businesses choose the right PPC campaign type to fetch them results. This is important since a wrong campaign type may not only disappoint you about results but may also cause you to lose money. That’s why our PPC campaign management services are best for your needs.

Keyword Research

Our expert team researches the most effective keywords to reach the target audience. Keywords are selected based on industry and campaign goals. The right keywords make your ads visible to the right audience. And PPC advertising services play a major role in keyword visibility.

Optimize Landing Page

We are a leading PPC agency in the USA, specializing in optimizing landing pages to attract the right audience. Our expert PPC professionals optimize content and elements on the landing page to increase conversion rate.

Varieties Of PPC Campaigns We Run

Ninth Matrix Solutions stands as a leading PPC management company in the US. Our experts run a variety of PPC campaigns for targeted business needs.

Search Ads

We run search ads on search engines like Google & Bing. Our PPC experts make your ads visible to people who are searching for keywords related to your business.

Google Shopping Ads

We show your product listing to people through google shopping ads. Best for e-commerce businesses to generate leads with effective ads.

Display Ads

Display ads are effective and target people who have shown interest related to your product or service. It runs various articles and blogs on popular websites which are very likely to be used by your potential customers.

YouTube(In stream) Ads

We catch attention of potential viewers on platforms like YouTube with in-stream ads. Video advertising campaigns are powerful in increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

Social Ads

We reach your target audience on social media platforms with effective social ads. We identify and catch attention of users who are interested in the same business and products as yours.

Remarketing Ads

We keep track of customers who left without much engagement on your website and re-target them by showing them remarketing ads for your products or selling your products to these customers by presenting them in a better way.

Why are our PPC services special?

Our staff is trained to design Pay Per Click campaigns strategically to attract users and make them click on your ads to reach your products and services. We are very mindful of the budget you spend and try to get you as many leads as possible to deliver value for your money.

Stress-Free PPC Services

You may leave the stress of generating online business with us. Once we have launched your PPC campaign, we are on top of it, monitoring it and finetuning it continuously for maximum results.

Dedicated PPC Experts

Our dedicated PPC expert team is our strength that enables us to deliver you leads through professionally designed campaigns under our one of the best PPC services.

PPC Reports

We deliver extensive reports on the performance of your PPC campaign so you are always in full knowledge of your expenditure vis-à-vis leads generated through your campaign.

Better ROI PPC Solutions

We make every effort to keep your campaigns with your specified budget and yet make them effective enough to generate leads so you get a good ROI.



Yes they do. PPC advertising carefully targets people who are interested in a certain product or service and are likely to generate leads. It is our job to make sure your advertisement is infused with inviting content so people click it readily.

PPC ads give you the advantage of showing your ads to the right people at the right time. Whenever a user searches for the same products or services as yours, he is shown your ads (among others) inviting him to click those and reach your products and services online.

PPC ads give you the advantage of showing your ads to the right people at the right time. Whenever a user searches for the same products or services that you have, you can show them your ads to generate effective leads.