An Email Marketing Company Helps Your Business Remain Connected With Customers

Ninth Matrix Solutions is one of the best bulk email marketing companies in the US in terms of obtaining tangible results and leads with well-designed email campaigns. We are very sensitive about the reputation of our client brands and take our email campaigns seriously. We are a strong team of strategists, writers, designers, and marketers that can take on any type of email marketing campaign and execute it effectively.

Email Marketing is the most popular and cheapest form of advertisement and therefore has great scope in this competitive market. It also delivers the fastest ROI vis-à-vis other forms of digital marketing. Our email campaigns are well designed to bring you the leads your business deserves.

Benefits Of Email
Marketing Services

Wider reach - almost 4 billion users of email

Enhances your brand recognition

Build customer relationship effectively

Better interaction with customers through personalized email messages

Better ROI

scope of email marketing

What We Do In Email Marketing Services

As an email marketing company with experience, we consider every aspect of clients’ business to create effective, focussed email campaigns that best meet their business goals.

Email List Management

Email List Management

We maintain and grow a list of emails of customers of our clients and include them in our email campaigns or an announcement that needs to be made to customers at large.

Custom Email Designing

Custom Email Designing

We design attractive emailers to engage readers and send those out with specific texts written so readers feel the mailer is addressing them individually.

Content Strategy and Creation

Strategic Content Creation

Our creative writers and content strategists create engaging and informative emails that will engross readers and invite them to act. Our email marketing services always work well for our clients because of our professional team.

Constant Monitoring & Evaluation

Constant Monitoring & Evaluation

We continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of email campaigns to improve our email marketing services. We also monitor performance in bulk email marketing services.

Email Automation

Email Automation

Our email marketing campaign process is largely automated so we are able to create mails with updated information on your products and services in no time and send those out promptly.

Why Are We the Best in Email
Marketing Services?

Ninth Matrix Solutions is among the leading email marketing companies in the US. We have been in the email marketing business for over 25 years and have experience handling hundreds of email campaigns and helping so many businesses grow their client base.


Yes definitely, email marketing is still a great way to grow your business. The large number of people who use email every day means that there is a significant chance of growth in exposure for your business.

Yes you do. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, email marketing can be a great way to reach your customers and build relationships with them.

You can certainly do your own email marketing with popular tools, but professional support and experience will deliver amazing results and will eventually work to your advantage.