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Ninth Matrix Solutions offers a wide range of PHP web development services in almost all areas of end-to-end PHP application design, implementation and management. Our cost-effective solutions and robust PHP web development services have helped a host of businesses improve their workflow significantly. As one of the best PHP web development agencies in US, we have been developing quality web solutions for individuals and companies alike for the last 25 years.

We deliver very customized solutions to our clients, precisely as specified and for that we stand as a reputed web development agency in the US. We create web applications, websites, server apps, and mobile backends for any company or industry using conventional LAMP setups. We have extensive experience in creating large-scale websites in various frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, Zend Framework, and Yii.

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We have been helping and satisfying businesses of all sizes with our quality PHP web development services for the last over two decades. This vast timespan has enabled us to improve our skills, learn from mistakes and transform into a serious web workshop to create high-end solutions for businesses and individuals that are scalable, robust and cost effective. As the leading PHP web development company in the USA, we strive to bring our best.

Web Application Development LIGHT

Web Application Development

We provide full stack PHP development services in the USA, to build feature-rich, fast and scalable web solutions for all kinds of business.

Cloud-Based Web Application Development LIGHT

Cloud-Based Web Application Development

Our seasoned PHP developers are experts in building cloud-based web applications such as CRM, ERP and all types of SAAS solutions.

Upgrade PHP Application LIGHT

Upgrade PHP Applications

PHP developers at NMS can do wonders with existing PHP applications that need a revamp or upgrade to make them faster, more efficient, and more secure.

Migrate to PHP LIGHT

Migrate To PHP

We securely migrate existing PHP applications with least noise or loss to latest PHP versions. All our migrations are seamless and safe.

PHP-Based CMS Development LIGHT

PHP-Based CMS Development

Have us suggest PHP-based CMS solutions specific to your business needs. We do CMS and eCommerce solutions with popular RAD systems like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal and others.

PHP Portal Development LIGHT

PHP Portal Development

We can well apply PHP coding to create enterprise level solutions for web portals or app admins of business applications for enterprises and startups.

How Are We Different

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At Ninth Matrix Solutions we ensure that every side of your project gets attention and the job develops as a complete solution. We treat confidentiality of clients’ project ideas and security of their code as very important and keep these secure both pre and post project launch. We interface with our clients personally as far as we can instead of leaving them solely with faceless PM systems and voice machines and we feel this makes us one of the best PHP web development companies in the US.

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Strong Client Base

We have an impressive clientele, establishing that we are a company trusted by many. There are clients who have been with NMS for many years. Our strong client base helps us become a leading PHP web development company in the US.

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On-Time Delivery

We work hard round the clock to ensure that we deliver to you on time. We understand the value of your time because we value it for us.

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Dedicated PHP Developers

Our developers are passionate about their work and will therefore go as deep in your project as you let them. They analyze each project minutely and devise very reliable technical solutions.


PHP is an open-source scripting language that is used for developing websites, applications, Saas applications and such.

We ensure quality by deputing well paid, experienced PHP developers on the project. During development the entire functionality is divided in independent modules that can each execute its specific function independently. These small modules are then tested independently and then assembled together. This approach leaves very little chance for any errors.

It depends on the complexity, functionality and type of websites you want to develop. Generally, we can build a medium sized, custom PHP website within 3 or 4 weeks with testing and implementing client feedback.