7 Types of Logos and Which Ones to Select For Your Brand

7 Types of Logos and Which Ones to Select For Your Brand

Logos are the most crucial part of your online identity; they must be appealing, unique, and memorable to your audience. You must have seen the logos of the most popular brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google, and Apple. And one can easily identify their brand by looking at its logo.

Most businesses don’t give preference to their logo and choose it randomly. You can’t ignore the importance of a quality logo if you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Let’s understand what kind of logo you need to choose as per your industry.

Before diving into the diverse styles of logos, we need to understand how a quality logo influences your business.

The Importance of a Professional Logo

  • Grab the attention of the target audience
  • Build a strong first impression
  • Create a unique brand identity
  • Helps to memorable your brand
  • Separate your business from competitors
  • Foster Brand Loyalty

Having a professional Logo, stand out your brand among others and build a strong identity in your industry. So don’t forget to build a professional logo while launching any new venture or doing a startup.  

Let’s take a look at the Top 7 types of logos that are popular and choose as per your industry type.

  1. Lettermark Logo ( Monogram)
  2. Wordmarks logo ( Logotypes)
  3. Pictorial marks (Logo symbol)
  4. Abstract Logo Marks
  5. Mascots Logo
  6. The Combination Mark
  7. The Emblem Logo

Now we will understand each one in detail and understand which kind of industry prefers what kind of logo. 

Lettermark Logos Are Well-Suited For Long Business Names

Lettermark or monogram logos are appropriate for businesses that have a big business name. In a monogram logo, only the initial letters of the business name are used in a creative way. You can see these types of logos around you, like NASA, IBM, HP, HBO, etc. All these logos have one thing in common: they have only used initials as their logo. If your business name is big and difficult to pronounce, you should definitely go for a lettermark logo.

Wordmark Logos Are Ideal For Businesses With Short Names 

The Google logo is a great example of a wordmark logo. Like letter marks, it is also a font-based logo that focuses on the business name alone. These are best for businesses that have a short name and want to make it look more attractive. Wordmark logos are ideal for businesses with short names. It helps create strong brand recognition. Creating an eye-catching wordmark logo can be a little difficult, but you can always ask for the help of professional logo designers. Some great examples of wordmark logos are Coca-Cola, Facebook, Disney, Pinterest, etc.

Pictorial Mark (Logo Symbol) That Represents Your Business

The best example of a logo symbol is Twitter, in which only a bluebird tweets. Twitter is the most popular social media platform, in which people share their tweets and the logo perfectly describes the tweeter. When you talk about a brand, it is usually an image that comes to your mind. Some examples of pictorial marks are Snapchat, Twitter, WWF, Apple, etc. It works best for businesses that are already well known.

Abstract Logo Marks Are Best To Show Your Creativity 

The abstract logo mark is a type of logo design that uses abstract shapes, forms, and symbols to represent a company or brand. This type of logo is often used by companies that want to convey a sense of innovation, modernity, or creativity. The shapes and forms used in abstract logos are not meant to represent the company or its products or services literally but are intended to create an emotional connection with the audience through their visual design. Due to the abstract nature of these logos, they can often be easily recognizable and memorable, making them a popular choice for many businesses. Some examples of abstract marks are Pepsi, Adidas, Mastercard, etc. If you want to give a unique look to your brand logo, then you should go with this logo.

The Mascot Logo Is Best For Creating An Emotional Connection With The Audience

The mascot logos are based on the illustrated characters. A colorful and cartoon logo is more attractive; It helps in making your own brand spokesperson, who makes a good impression on your audience.

A mascot is a character or symbol often used to represent a company, organization, or sports team. Mascots are usually designed to be easily recognizable and memorable and are often used in advertising and promotional materials. 

Mascot logos are logos that feature a mascot or character as a primary element. These logos can be designed in a variety of styles, but they typically feature the mascot prominently and may include additional text or imagery related to the organization or brand the mascot represents. These logos can be fun and engaging and can help create a positive association with the brand in the minds of consumers. Some of the big examples of mascot logos are Android, Reddit, KFC, etc.

The Combination Mark Is Best For Branding Purpose  

A combination mark is a combination of several types of logos, such as wordmarks, letter marks, pictorial marks, abstract marks, and mascots. Some well-known examples of combination marks are Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and Lay’s. With the help of a composite mark, people will also associate your brand with an illustrated & mascot logo. 

Combination marks are very common in branding and are used by many different types of organizations and businesses, such as corporations, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. They are particularly useful when a company wants to establish a strong visual identity while also making sure the name is easily recognizable so that both visual and verbal elements work together to create a more memorable brand identity.

The Emblem Logo Is a Detailed Logo 

The emblem logo consists of text under an icon or symbol. It looks like badges, seals, and crests. This logo has a traditional appearance that makes a striking impact. Emblem logos are perfect for schools, organizations, and clubs. The auto industry also used this type of logo. Some of the best examples of emblem logos are Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, Harvard university, etc. it gives higher detail to the audience about the brand. It is the most complicated type of logo that doesn’t appear perfectly in small branding items. 


After reading all the details above, you can choose the best type of logo that suits your brand. We have discussed the seven major types of logos that are most popular nowadays. In the above, we have given examples of each type of logo that help you understand how a specific type of logo actually looks. You can choose a perfect logo that suits your industry and brand.